Scott Sanders
USA 2009
84 min

A masterful homage to '70s blaxploitation films, Black Dynamite is a hilarious thrill ride that will send you back in time. Former CIA agent Black Dynamite is a complex man, understood by few but desired by every woman. When bad guy \"The Man\" murders his brother, traffics heroin into the local orphanage, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, Black Dynamite is the only hero bad enough to fight back. (Jim Browne)
Played with ferocious authority and perfect comic timing by Michael Jai White, Black Dynamite commands center stage in an ass-kicking comedy that never fails to deliver. Director Scott Sanders creates a loving celebration of the anarchic fun of the films of that era. His screenplay, written with White and Byron Minns, keeps us laughing with an onslaught of original one-liners. The exquisite detail of the art direction and costumes are a pitch-perfect reminder of a flashy bygone era.
(Jim Browne)

  • Michael Jai White - Black Dynamite
  • Tommy Davidson - Cream Corn
  • Byron Minns - Bullhorn
  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield - Gloria
  • Michael Jai White
  • Scott Sanders
  • Byron Minns
  • Shawn Maurer
  • David Barber
  • Adrian Younge
  • Adrian Younge
  • Denise Pizzini
  • Ruth E. Carter
Ars Nova

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Universum Film Neumarkter Straße 28 81673 München, Deutschland T +49 89 41 36 96 00
35 mm
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