Special: 5 Women

Black Dragon Canyon

Jay Keitel
USA 2005
52 min

Filmed in the mountains of Utah, in icy black and white and magnificent Cinemascope, BLACK DRAGON CANYON relates the fragmentary moments and remnants of a story of revenge. A young woman named Elizabeth embarks on a search for her mother’s murderer, and loses herself in a chase of life-and-death – silent, obsessed and almost magically drawn to her own downfall. The high extent of stylization combined with the laconicism and the desperation of a story that comes to an end, make BLACK DRAGON CANYON a small, radical masterpiece. It is reminiscent of the surrealistic Western stories by Monte Hellman, and like those disregards conventional genre limits. BLACK DRAGON CANYON is a memory reverberating from afar, a dark afterimage of traditional impressions of the West.

  • Amy Seimetz - Elizabeth Sterling
  • Jason Joel Harris - Wesley Davies
  • Christine Kellogg Darrin - Elaine Sterling
  • Michael Kelber - L. Waters
  • Nathan Meier - Thom Sparrow
  • George Williams - Archer S.
  • Jay Keitel
  • Jay Keitel
  • Eric Lane
  • J.R. Hughto
  • Apolonia Panagopoulos
  • Jay Keitel
Jay Keitel

Jay Keitel

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