Black Dragon Canyon

Jay Keitel
USA 2005
52 min

PROPOSITIONS – Twelve Selected Films

Filmed in the mountains of Utah, in icy black and white and magnificent cinemascope, Black Dragon Canyon relates the fragmentary moments and remnants of a story of revenge. A young woman embarks on a search for her mothers murderer, and looses herself in a chase of life-and-death silent, obsessed and almost magically drawn to her own downfall. The high extent of stylization combined with the laconic and the desperation of a story that comes to an end, make Black Dragon Canyon a small, radical masterpiece. It is reminiscent of the surrealistic Western stories by Monte Hellman, and like those disregards conventional genre limits. Black Dragon Canyon is a memory reverberating from afar, a dark afterimage of traditional impressions of the West.

Will be shown together with Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

  • Amy Seimetz - Elizabeth Sterling
  • Jason Joel Harris - Wesley Davies
  • Christine Kellogg Darrin - Elaine Sterling
  • Michael Kelber - L. Waters
  • Nathan Meier - Thom Sparrow
  • George Williams - Archer S.
  • Jay Keitel
  • Jay Keitel
  • Eric Lane
  • J.R. Hughto
  • Apolonia Panagopoulos
  • Jay Keitel
Jay Keitel

Jay Keitel

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