BEIRUT 2.14.05

Alexandra Cuesta
USA, Ecuador 2008
9 min

A journey into a foreign country begins with a handheld camera looking through the window of a car. Raindrops in the glass abstract the cityscape separating the inside from the outside. Guided by fragmentation we see mirrors, reflections and shadows. The imminence of danger is at once palpable as it is distant. Within the backdrop of another film shoot, the narrative springs from in-between moments, carrying with it a sense of urgency and chance that render like quick entries in a diary.

This film is screened together with Public Domain, Crossings and Mirages.

  • Alexandra Cuesta
Alexandra Cuesta

Alexandra Cuesta, 1324 Calumet Avenue Apt 400, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA, T 617 877

16 mm
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