anders, Molussien (dOF)

differently, Molussia
Nicolas Rey
FRA 2011
81 min

ANDERS, MOLUSSIEN is a film in nine chapters, shown in random order and based on fragments from Günther Anders’ novel «Die molussische Katakombe». Prisoners sitting in the pits of an imaginary fascist state, molussia, transmit one another stories about the outside world like a series of philosophical fables.

“I wanted to make a film based on a novel that I couldn‘t read, since it was written in a language that I don‘t understand, and there‘s no translation. Strange idea, you might say. But it‘s a matter of trust. Maybe a little bit of intuition, but mostly trust. All that I knew was the fictional framing: prisoners, plunged into the darkness of a jail in an imaginary fascist state, molussia, tell each other stories about the outside, like so many philosophically inclined fables. Looking back I can say that I made no mistake; the novel is profoundly topical today.” (Nicolas Rey)
In the presence of Nicolas Rey.
The film will also be screened in the dOmeU version.

  • Peter Hoffmann
  • Nicolas Rey nach «Die molussische Katakombe» von Günther Anders
  • Nicolas Rey
  • Nicolas Rey
  • Nicolas Rey
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Tout a trac

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