Sergio Mazza
Argentinien 2006
87 min

A man arrives in a town. It is night. It is never quiet: insects, toads and dogs make a constant din. The man seems to be coming from Buenos Aires and needs to talk more than the locals, whose dialog word count average is extremely low. The camera, in turn, seems to spy on the events: woman meets wimp. She even doubts he can carry a couple of not-too-heavy shopping bags. The sun beats down on La Paz in Entre Rios countryside. Her: «Where were you from?» Him: «Olivos, have you heard about it?» Silence. He is looking for a job - rather, boarding and food, a little sense of belonging - in the town bar-whorehouse-meeting point run and ruled by women where she, Amanda, is the queen. And she sings beautifully. Sergio Mazza's first film charters a territory out of a leading couple, music in the right places, a river amid the landscape and a welcome awareness that the high-flying narrative ascetism does not prevent empathy, nor warmth nor poetry. (Filmfestival Buenos Aires)

  • Gabriela Moyano
  • Alejandro Barratelli
  • Myrtha Frantinni
  • Sergio Mazza
  • Luis Trujillo
  • Juan Pablo Ojea
  • Diego Polischer
  • Nicolás Moro
  • Mercedes Oliveira
  • Sergio Mazza
  • Gabriela Moyano
  • Sergio Mazza
Masa Latina Zamudio 4768 1419 Buenos Aires, Argentinien T 11 45731824

Guido Rud Films Shark Soler 4845 1419 Buenos Aires, Argentinien T 11 4774 50 44

35 mm
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