Liebenden von Pont-Neuf
Leos Carax
FRA 1991
125 min

Young clochard Alex has found shelter on Pont-Neuf in the heart of Paris which is closed down because of construction works. One night he meets the roaming painter Michèle.
The girl - as she is slowly losing her sight - is helpless at the mercy of the goings in the city. In the flare-up of an impossible love between the two their miserable existence turns into a little fantastic miracle, a momentary intoxicating dance of exceedance and joy.
\"Les Amants du Pont-Neuf\" - Léos Carax’ third film - a hypnotic musical between vagabonds in the heart of Paris on the eve of the 200 years celebration of the French revolution - until today his biggest, most excessive project. A wonderful hybrid dream of a movie that goes beyond the scope of all limits and imaginations of cinema.

  • Juliette Binoche - Maria Enders
  • Denis Lavant - Clergyman
  • Klaus-Michael Grüber