Les Amants

The Lovers
Louis Malle
FRA 1958
90 min

Disappointed by both her provincial husband and her Parisian lover, a chic young woman (Jeanne Moreau) has a new encounter with a sensitive student.
“‘I know it when I see it,’ declared Justice Potter Stewart in dismissing the claim that Louis Malle’s depiction of female sexual pleasure constituted pornography. From the moment Moreau won a special prize at the Venice Film Festival, her steamy tryst with younger lover Jean-Marc Bory had shocked those not exhilarated by its liberating acceptance of a woman’s right to enjoy love-making. Cementing Moreau’s status as a cerebral sex symbol, this satire on bourgeois mores seems touchingly chaste six decades on. But Moreau continues to captivate as her latterday Madame Bovary drifts between Bory’s enamoured archaeologist, distracted spouse Alain Cuny and casual fling José Luis de Villallonga.” (David Parkinson)

  • Jeanne Moreau - Jeanne Tournier
  • Alain Cuny - Henri
  • Jean-Marc Bory - Bernard Dubois-Lambert
  • Judith Magre - Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy
  • José Luis de Villalonga - Raoul Florès
  • Gaston Modot - Coudray
  • Louis Malle
  • based on the novel «Point de Lendemain» by Dominique Vivant
  • Louise de Vilmorin
  • Henri Decaë
  • Pierre-André Bertrand
  • Léonide Azar
  • Alain De Rosnay
  • Bernard Eveinr
Nouvelles Éditions de Films
35 mm
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