José Maria de Orbe
ESP 2010

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Set wholly in or within the grounds of a rambling, semi-derelict old mansion outside San Sebastián, this calm, measured, visually very beautiful blend of documentary, fiction and archive footage bears some resemblance to Tsai Ming-liang’s Goodbye Dragon Inn and José Luis Guerín’s Train of Shadows, but is amply rewarding in its own right. It takes a while to find out who the various people visiting and working in the house are, and as long to learn about the building itself, but a series of brief, often pawkily amusing conversations between two of the men comes slowly to focus on themes related to death, faith and the possibility of ongoing life: certainly the house, thanks to cinema, is alive with the ghosts of Basque history. Experimental but very accessible and humane, and quietly affecting. (Time Out)

  • Luis Pescador - Wächter
  • Mikel Goenaga - Priester
  • Sebastián Lasa - Erster Archäologe
  • Asier Izaguirre - Zweiter Archäologe
  • Jesús Tapia - Chefarchäologe
  • Izaskun Garmendia - Lehrer
  • José Maria de Orbe
  • Eva Valiño
  • Jimmy Gimferrer
  • Cristóbal Fernández
  • Juan Carlos Bravo
Eddie Saeta

Film Sharks

35 mm
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