Abschied von den Eltern (OmeU)

Astrid Johanna Ofner
AUT 2017
80 min

Following Peter Weiss’ autobiographical account of his childhood and adolescence and his half-Jewish family’s odyssey across Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, the film explores a young man’s fight for personal independence and his struggle for an artist’s life as a painter and writer. “It took a great deal of time to find the right rhythm, the coherence, the right image for certain sentences. I wanted each image to stand for itself, each image to be in the place that was right according to my feeling. The sequences of black are not the classic, filmic black film. For me, the black film is an echo space for the language. There are selected passages I did not want to be accompanied by any image; I wanted the sound, the language, the text to be present in the room as an echo.” (Astrid Johanna Ofner interviewed by Karin Schiefer)

In the presence of Astrid Johanna Ofner.

  • Sven Dolinski
  • Astrid Johanna Ofner
  • Peter Roehsler
  • Astrid Johanna Ofner
  • Astrid Johanna Ofner
  • Eva Rammesmayer
  • Marion Kesmaecker
Trotzdemfilm, Little Magnet Films, nanook film


Stadtkino Verleih
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