Retrospective 2014

7 Women

John Ford
USA 1965
84 min

John Ford's final film is set in China in 1935, where a group of American women, led by Agatha work as missionaries. One of the women is pregnant and accompanied by her husband, while the others are single and on their own. The mission has become crowded after a cholera epidemic forced several outsiders to flee a nearby British mission and seek shelter with the American group, while a Mongol warrior has assembled troops who are sacking the area. When the female doctor D.L. Cartwright enters the picture, she attempts to bring humor and civility to the group, but her tough yet compassionate nature clashes with Agatha's by-the-book approach, and when Cartwright is willing to put her own safety at risk to gain the attentions of Tunga Khan and slow his onslaught, the group is strongly divided.

  • Anna Lee
  • Sue Lyon
  • Margaret Leighton
  • Flora Robson
  • Mildred Dunnock
  • Betty Field
  • Eddie Albert
  • Mike Mazurki
  • Hans William Lee
  • Jane Chang
  • Irene Tsu
  • Anne Bancroft - Dr. D. R. Cartwright
  • Woody Strode
  • Janet Green
  • John McCormick
  • Joseph LaShelle
  • Franklin Milton
  • Otho Lovering
  • Elmer Bernstein
  • Eddie Imazu
  • George W. Davis
  • Walter Plunkett
  • «Chinese Finale» von Norah Lofts
Bernhard Smith Productions, John Ford Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35 mm
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