François Ozon
FRA 2004
90 min

Inspired by the Jane Campion TV-movie Two Friends, Ozon has decided to tell his story backwards. The choice of this structure allows him to concentrate on the essential and strip away extraneous detail; we simply arrive at key moments in the life of a pair of heterosexual, married Parisians. Ozons view of the couple is telling in both its characters ordinariness Gilles and Marion are much like us and in the familiarity of its constituent scenes, for he has chosen key moments in the couples life as his stomping ground: first meeting, marriage, childbirth, and so on. The road he depicts is well travelled, though no less powerful for being so commonplace but, like Bergman, Chabrol or Antonioni, who have done such a fine job of putting marriage under the microscope, Ozon finds his own voice throughout. (Piers Handling)

  • Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi - Marion
  • Stéphane Freiss - Gilles
  • Géraldine Pailhas - Valérie
  • Françoise Fabian - Monique
  • Michael Lonsdale - Bernard
  • François Ozon
  • Emmanuèle Bernheim
  • Yorick Le Saux
  • Brigitte Taillandier
  • Jean-Pierre Duret
  • Monica Coleman
  • Philippe Rombi
  • Katia Wyskop
  • Pascaline Chavanne
Fidélité Productions 13 rue Étienne-Marcel, 75001 Paris, Frankreich T 1 55 34 98 08

Celluloid Dreams 2 rue Turgot 75009 Paris, Frankreich T 1 49 70 03 70

Polyfilm Verleih Margaretenstraße 781050 Wien T 1 581 39 00 20
35 mm
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