Special: 5 Women

35 rhums

Claire Denis
FRA, DEU 2008
100 min

This outstanding film from Claire Denis demonstrates her fluency and mastery in the kind of movie-language that is rich, quietly complex and subtle. Its theme is the bond between father and daughter, whose intensity speaks poignantly and paradoxically of loss and absence. Alex Descas is Lionel, a calm and dignified widower who is a train driver in Paris. His daughter, Joséphine, played by Mati Diop, is a student who lives with him in affectionate, if rather emotionally fraught domestic intimacy. Descas and Diop give lovely performances, and their final scene together, apparently at the cusp of that event for which 35 shots are appropriate – a celebration and a farewell – is tremendously moving. A film to be savoured. (Peter Bradshaw)

  • Alex Descas - Lionel
  • Mati Diop - Joséphine
  • Grégoire Colin - Noé
  • Nicole Dogué - Gabrielle
  • Julieth Mars-Toussaont - René
  • Jean-Christophe Folly - Ruben
  • Ingrid Caven - Joséphines Tante
  • Claire Denis
  • Jean-Pol Fargeau
  • Agnès Godard
  • Martin Boisseau
  • Dominique Hennequin
  • Guy Lecorne
  • Tindersticks
  • Benoît Pilot
Soudaine Compagnie, Pandora Film Produktion, Arte France Cinéma, WDR/Arte, Sofica Cofinova 4, Soficinema 4, Canal+, TPS
Elle Driver
Filmladen Filmverleih
35 mm
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