Ilian Metev
BG, DEU 2017
82 min

3/4 follows Mila, a young pianist who dreams of winning an audition allowing her to move to Germany and further her studies there. A shy, introverted teenager, she almost crumbles under the pressure. Niki, her little brother, is doing everything in his power to annoy and distract Mila. Meanwhile their father, Todor, a physics professor, seems more eager to discuss complicated theories than pay his son and daughter any attention.
In the middle of this triangle Metev finds a generous space in which to study relationships, expectations, and the familiar contradictions of our actions and reactions towards our (not always so) dear ones. Is Mila’s family dysfunctional? Certainly not. But is it really functional? Between these two ever changing borders anything can happen and everything does happen. This context also receives a mysterious makeover when a never-seen mother is mentioned, and her obvious absence gives a whole new dimension to family pressures and the daily tug of wars. (Stefan Dobroiu)

  • Mila Mikhova - Mila
  • Todor Velchev - Todor
  • Simona Genkova - Piano teacher
  • Kaloyan Georgiev - Kalo
  • Niki Mashalov - Niki
  • Ilian Metev
  • Betina Ip
  • Julian Atanassov
  • Mirko Reinhard
  • Ilian Metev
  • Filip Popov
Sutor Kolonko, Chaconna Films

Artscope, a label of Memento Films International

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