Jean-Claude Rousseau
FRA 2008
18 min

301, the first of two new short films by the unconventional French director Jean-Claude Rousseau, once again leads us to a waiting room: «301» is the number of a hotel room, in which Rousseau is waiting for something - or someone. The camera insistently studies a picture on the wall, focuses from the waiting person's view on a balcony across the way, or comes to rest on folded-over bed sheets. Rousseau's films demonstrate how public places turn into private ones and yet remain strange in the course of it.

This film is part of the program Films of Jean-Claude Rousseau.

  • Jean-Claude Rousseau
  • Jean-Claude Rousseau
Jean-Claude Rousseau

Jean-Claude Rousseau, 11 rue Crozatier 75012 Paris, Frankreich, T 1 46 28 97 35

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