Image of movie Los tallos amargos
Image of movie Los tallos amargos
Image of movie Los tallos amargos
Historiografie: Argentinischer Film Noir

Los tallos amargos

The Bitter Stems
Fernando Ayala
Argentina 1956
90 min

Two men take a train in the night. One of them begins to reflect about the duo’s recent past, his own very personal dreams, doubts and failures and the circumstances that have linked him to the other man. The tale is subjective and fragmentary, includes a terrible murder and is challenged in the second half once a different point of view on the same events is added. The result is a film that constructs these two main characters as well as a deep sense of futility and despair. This is probably the Argentine film that captures noir motifs and style in their purest form. It was Ayala’s second feature and its cinematography (by Chilean master Ricardo Younis) has been named as one of the 100 best in film history by American Cinematographer magazine. The score was composed by famous Argentine musician Astor Piazzolla and is of particular importance because it includes some of the ideas that he would soon develop into his own, more innovative work.

Curated by Fernando Peña and Roger Koza. 

  • Carlos Cores
  • Aída Luz
  • Julia Sandoval
  • Vassili Lambrinos
  • Bernardo Perrone
  • Virginia Romay
  • Gilda Lousek
  • Pablo Moret
  • Sergio Leonardo nach einem Buch von Adolfo Jasca
  • Ricardo Younis
  • Alfredo López
  • Gerardo Rinaldi
  • Antonio Ripoll
  • Astor Piazzolla
  • Germán Gelpi
  • Mario Vanarelli
Artistas Argentinos Asociados
Film Noir Foundation
35 mm
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