Image of movie Super Natural
Image of movie Super Natural
Image of movie Super Natural

Super Natural

Jorge Jácome
Portugal 2022
85 min

The first feature-length film by the Portuguese filmmaker is a mosaic consisting of celluloid and digital episodes assembled to create a philosophical and playful speculation on diverse organisms and inorganic entities and the possible modes of relationship that can be established between everything that is seen. An initial monologue by some entity unseen but always heard – whose language is a system of noises with variations in pitch and volume translated in subtitles – guides the fluid coupling of scenes showing men and women, aquatic animals and others made of plastic, a mermaid that sings and a fruit (a dragon fruit) that screams in despair. The ubiquitous conversation in this unrecognizable language always revolves around evolutionary concerns, with particular attention paid to the ways in which bodies are connected, including the co-existence of analog and electronic images. The self-awareness of all this can create visual jokes or some other distortion of the image of reality, whereby space is curved, colors are saturated to beautiful excess and birds change their thickness and volume. The film is unclassifiable, but such an attribute cannot only be made by someone watching from outside the film, as everything seen within appears to be in a state of mutation. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Jorge Jácome.

Jorge Jácome: PLUTÃO (2013, K), A GUEST + A HOST = A GHOST (2015, K), FIESTA FOREVER (2016, K), FLORES (2017, K), PAST PERFECT (2019, K)

  • Alexis Fernandes
  • Bárbara Matos
  • Bernardo Graça
  • Celestine Ngantonga Ndzana
  • Diogo Freitas
  • Isabel Gomes Teixeira
  • Joana Caetano
  • Maria João Pereira
  • Mariana Tembe
  • Milton Branco
  • André Teodósio
  • Jorge Jácome
  • José Maria Vieira Mendes
  • Marta Simões
  • Shugo Tekina
  • António Porém Pires
  • Jorge Jácome
  • Raw Forest
  • Violet
  • André Teodósio
Ukbar Filmes, Teatro Praga, Dançando com a Diferença

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