Image of movie Ste. Anne
Image of movie Ste. Anne

Ste. Anne

Rhayne Vermette
Canada 2021
80 min
OV w/ EN subtitles

Canadian Métis filmmaker Rhayne Vermette’s debut feature is a film about cultural dislocation as an everyday process. Centered on a family of Indigenous Francophones in rural Manitoba, STE. ANNE shows us a community rarely seen onscreen, and Vermette’s formal strategies, which often recall the physicality of Stan Brakhage, forge this paucity of representation into something palpable.
Renée has been gone for four years and suddenly wanders back to her hometown, and although nothing concrete is ever revealed, we understand that she was driven away by some shattering trauma. Renée’s young daughter Athene has been raised by Renée’s brother Modeste and his wife Elenore. Although the couple is willing to allow Renée back into Athene’s life, they are worried that she will vanish again, either with or without her daughter. As Renée reestablishes her relationship with Athene, she shows her daughter a photograph of an empty plot of land, a place she hopes to build a home. In its articulation of gender, trauma, and spiritual homelessness, STE. ANNE bears comparison to PARIS, TEXAS as well as Marilynne Robinson’s modern classic HOUSEKEEPING. But Vermette is primarily a visual thinker. Her rich, granular images depict the Métis Nation as a place of tremulous beauty. (Michael Sicinski)

Rhayne Vermette: R SEYMORE GOES NORTH (2011, K), TUDOR VILLAGE: A ONE SHOT DEAL (2012, K), ROB WHAT (2014, K), U.F.O. (2016, K), LES CHÂSSIS DE LOURDES (2016, K), DOMUS (2017, K)

  • Rhéanne Vermette - Renée
  • Isabelle d’Eschambault - Athene
  • Jack Theis - Modeste
  • Valerie Marion - Eleonore
  • Dolorès Gosselin
  • Roger Vermette
  • Andrina Turenne
  • Denise Tougas
  • Yvette Deveau
  • Paulette Cooksey
  • Rhayne Vermette
  • Kristiane Church
  • Amanda Kindzierski
  • Lindsay McIntyre
  • Erin Weisgerber
  • Rhayne Vermette
  • Charlene Moore
  • Rhayne Vermette
  • Bret Parentau
  • Janelle Tougas
Exovedate Productions

Exovedate Productions

Tue 26 Oct
OV w/ EN subtitles
Wed 27 Oct
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
OV w/ EN subtitles
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