Image of movie El prófugo
Image of movie El prófugo
Image of movie El prófugo

El prófugo

The Intruder
Natalia Meta
Argentina, Mexico 2020
90 min

A couple still getting to know each other go on a trip together. Their destination is Mexico. The flight introduces the nightmarish tone (not without humor) that will be present throughout. A terrible event happens during their trip, which marks the point from which Inés' experience starts moving away from reality as she suffers a slow breakdown. Back in Buenos Aires, she's unable to carry on with her life. Inés' perceptual confusion will mark the plot twists as well as forging the uncanny atmosphere which is also derived from the film's universe of sound. The inconsistency of reality is created via intelligent work with the continuity of the film and the playful way in which the relationship between voice, body, and psyche is merged. The continuity of space and time is always a bit out of synch. And what happens to Inés – who believes that she is possessed by fugitive voices – is a perfect way to put us inside the mind of someone whose profession is dubbing, which introduces a mismatch between body and voice by its very definition. (Roger Koza)

Natalia Meta: MUERTE EN BUENOS AIRES (2014)

  • Guillermo Arengo - Maestro
  • Mirta Busnelli - Adela
  • Daniel Hendler - Leopoldo
  • Nahuel Pérez Biscayart - Alberto
  • C.E. Feiling based on a novel by Natalia Meta
  • Bárbara Álvarez
  • Eliane Katz
  • Luciano Azzigotti
  • Germán Naglieri
Rei Cine, Picnic Producciones, Barraca Producciones, Infinity Hill

Film Factory Entertainment

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