Image of movie The Parents' Room
Image of movie The Parents' Room
Image of movie The Parents' Room

The Parents' Room

Diego Marcon
Italy, United Kingdom 2021
11 min
English OV

Diego Marcon’s work has often marshalled a grand cinema effect (35mm cinematography, sumptuous sets, operatic performance poses) for the sake of a deconstructive practice closer to installation art. THE PARENTS’ ROOM is a condensed musical displaying many affinities with Carax’s ANNETTE: tragic events in a family setting, weirdly lulling song recitals, and above all an overall aura of the uncanny. Where do the various components of human bodies, angelic voices, prosthetic make-up, and CGI digital effects begin and end? Blackly funny and unsettling, it’s a jewel of discombobulated cinema. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Diego Marcon and Camilla Romeo (producer).
This film will be shown as part of the screening SHORT FILM PROGRAMME 7: A CERTAIN INTIMACY.

  • Massimiliano Balduzzi
  • Beatrice Giavarini
  • Huey Lockwood
  • Chiara Serangeli
  • Diego Marcon
  • Pierluigi Laffi
  • Diego Marcon
  • Federico Chiari
  • Camilla Romeo
Primitive Film, Incurva

Diego Marcon

Thu 28 Oct
English OV
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