Image of movie La noche Bengalí
Image of movie La noche Bengalí
Monography: Narcisa Hirsch

La noche Bengalí

Werner Nekes, Narcisa Hirsch
Argentina 1980
6 min

This programme includes some of Narcisa Hirsch’s films that unfold in closed spaces. MARABUNTA, a performance by Hirsch, Marie Louise Alemann and Walther Mejía, was meant to take place in the street before a storm forced them into a cinema foyer. The cinema audience was later confronted by a sculpture of a woman covered in food and birds. After seeing the performance being filmed and edited, Hirsch decided to dedicate herself to cinema and began making films with artist friends, resulting in PINK FREUD, AIDA, TESTAMENTO Y VIDA INTERIOR, which playfully explore the body in space, life, desire and death via disturbing, dreamlike atmospheres. LA NOCHE BENGALÍ also forms part of this universe and was inspired by a seminar by Werner Nekes. In CANCIONES NAPOLITANAS, a huge mouth sensually devours a liver and a postcard, while RETRATO DE MARTA MINUJIN is an interview with the renowned Argentinian artist, who asserts that the academic world is a place for teaching people to be proud of failure. (Cecilia Barrionuevo)

This film will be shown as part of the screening ADENTRO.
Curated by Cecilia Barrionuevo.

Narcisa Hirsch: COME OUT (1971, K), MANZANAS (1973, K), RETRATOS (1974, K), TALLER (1975, K), TESTAMENTO Y VIDA INTERIOR (1976, K), HOMECOMING (1978, K), AMA-ZONA (1983, K), ORELIE ANTOINE, REY DE LA PATAGONIA (1984, K), ANA, ¿DÓNDE ESTÁS? (1985), A DIOS (1989, K), LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SAN JUAN (1993, K), RUMI (1999, K), EL ALEPH (2005, K), EL MITO DE NARCISO (2011), INSCRIPCIONES (2016, K), MYST (2019, K).

Narcisa Hirsch
Filmoteca Narcisa Hirsch
Tue 24 Oct
Metro, Historischer Saal
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