Image of movie Manto de gemas
Image of movie Manto de gemas
Image of movie Manto de gemas

Manto de gemas

Robe Of Gems
Natalia López Gallardo
Argentina, Mexico 2022
117 min

As an accomplished editor who has worked with Lisandro Alonso, Amat Escalante, and Carlos Reygadas, Natalia López Gallardo has mastered a unique form of cinematic pacing, one equally committed to hypnotic rhythm and gradual narrative explication. She brings that mastery to bear on her directorial debut, a complex web of systemic violence and individual culpability. MANTO DE GEMAS explores life in rural Mexico, an environment beset with cartel activities, sudden kidnappings and the constant, violent degradation of women. As the film details these various horrors, it also suggests how they become routinized and banal, contributing to a permanent state of trauma. Eugenia is a thoroughly crooked police captain who, despite her own implication in the system, is terrified when she learns that her son Adán has become a low-level gang member for the cartels. Meanwhile Marí, whose sister was abducted several years ago, herself becomes an accomplice to further kidnappings. López Gallardo’s film weaves in and out of various lives impacted by loss and devastation, showing how criminality eventually becomes its own inescapable logic, consuming everything around it. A radical work of New Mexican Cinema, MANTO DE GEMAS is a tableau of absolute dissolution. (Michael Sicinski)

Natalia López GallardoEN EL CIELO COMO EN LA TIERRA (2007, K)

  • Nailea Norvind - Isabel
  • Antonia Olivares - Maria
  • Aida Roa - Torta
  • Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño - Adan
  • Mónica Poggio - Eugenia
  • Sherlyn Zavala Diaz - Valeria
  • Balam Toledo - Balam
  • Natalia López Gallardo
  • Adrián Durazo
  • Guido Berenblum
  • Victor Tendler
  • Raúl Locatelli
  • Natalia López Gallardo
  • Omar Guzman
  • Miguel Schverdfinger
  • Santiago Pedroncini
  • Angela Leyton
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