Image of movie Mainstream
Image of movie Mainstream


Gia Coppola
United States 2020
94 min

A satire on social media, virtual fame, and other contemporary crimes, MAINSTREAM is a portrait of the complicated ways in which young people relate to each other via their public and private personas. This is the story of how a weird “revolutionary guru” from the streets (portrayed by Andrew Garfield at his wildest) becomes an unexpected internet sensation and a celebrity influencer after meeting an amateur filmmaker who finds him amusing and helps him achieve sudden, disorienting fame via a series of popular YouTube videos.
Unsubtle but powerful and drawing on the same audiovisual tools of the media it is portraying (emojis, memes, chats, lots of Instagram posts), this new film by the director of PALO ALTO is an incisive and sharp comedy about the strange attraction and the contradictions of internet life. And about how the constant need for attention can splinter anyone’s sense of reality. (Diego Lerer)

Gia Coppola: NON PLUS ONE (2010, K), CASINO MOON (2012, K), PALO ALTO (2013), YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH (2014, Musik-Video), LOVE ADVENT (2018, TV-Serie), ARE YOU A MAGICIAN? (2020, Musik-Video) 

  • Andrew Garfield
  • Maya Hawke
  • Nat Wolff
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Alexa Demie
  • Johnny Knoxville
  • Tom Stuart
  • Gia Coppola
  • Autumn Durald Arkapaw
  • Pete Horner
  • Glen Scantlebury
  • Devonté Hynes
  • Nathan Parker
Automatik, American Zoetrop, Artemis, Assemble, Tugawood, Andrew Garfield, Zac Weinstein

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