Image of movie Land Of Dreams
Image of movie Land Of Dreams
Image of movie Land Of Dreams

Land Of Dreams

Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari
United States, Germany, Qatar 2021
113 min

Acclaimed photo and video artist Shirin Neshat is known for her technique of combining handwritten poems in Farsi with her portraits of faces or body parts. Screened at the Venice film festival, her latest film is dedicated to the idea of inscribing the unconscious into the image itself.
LAND OF DREAMS sends Simin, a young woman of Iranian descent (Sheila Vand from A GIRL WALKS HOME AT NIGHT), through the prototypical sprawls of America to survey people’s dreams. As Neshat’s alter ego, she enters their homes and pushes her way towards the unspoken, as the film reveals some long oppressed fears and resentments, touching on racism and xenophobia. But the sceneries stay muted, dreamlike, grotesque (the screenplay is by longtime Buñuel-collaborator Jean-Claude Carrière).
With its unsettling humor, nocturnal car rides, red-lit bars, and lonesome singers, it’s as if Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch had teamed up to fabricate a somber tale of otherness in the US. But Neshat has rooted these dreams in reality. Behind the activities of Simin stands an office with futuristic computer designs, the Census Bureau, that supervises the citizens for their “security”. An Americana as a nightmare. (Gunnar Landsgesell)

In the presence of Shirin Neshat and Matt Dillon.

Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari: TURBULENT (1998, K), RAPTURE (1999, K), FERVOR (2000), ZARIN (2005), GAMES OF DESIRE (2009, K), WOMEN WITHOUT MEN (2009), EGYPT IN MY HEART (2011, K), THE SEASONS THE FALL (2011, K), BEGINNING OF THE COLD SEASON (2011, K), AIDA (2017, Video), LOOKING FOR OUM KULTHUM (2017), LAND OF DREAMS (2019, Video)

  • Sheila Vand - Simin Hakak
  • Matt Dillon - Alan
  • William Moseley - Mark
  • Isabella Rossellini - Jane
  • Robin Bartlett - Jackie
  • Anna Gunn - Nancy/Betty
  • Christopher McDonald - Blair/Bob
  • Shirin Neshat
  • Ghasem Ebrahimian
  • Scott Hirsch
  • Craig Parker
  • Stefan Chakerian
  • Mike Selemon
  • Michael Brook
  • Rick Gilbert
  • Negar Ali-Kline
Bon Voyage Films, Palodeon Pictures, Land of Dreams LLC, Arte, Doha Film Institute

Beta Cinema

Wed 27 Oct
Thu 28 Oct
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