Image of movie James Ellroy: Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction
Kinematografie: Österreich real

James Ellroy: Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction

Reinhard Jud
Austria 1993
93 min

Two entirely different films about the relationship between artistic work and sensitivity to the crisis-like nature of the present in which we live: from fragments of poems, television-excerpts and sound clips, Cana Bilir-Meier assembles a cinematic remembrance of the poet and draftswoman Semra Ertan, who set herself on fire in 1982 as a sign of protest against racism in Germany. Reinhard Jud accompanies James Ellroy with his camera on a different kind of sightseeing trip through L. A., who also understands the city around him as the dark, violence-soaked side of the American dream which he uncovers in his novels. But while Bilir-Meier must first find a visual form for remembering the artist and reclaim the images from mainstream media, Jud and Ellroy cite a canon of images of the city, the artist, cinema.
To critically engage with the world around us is one of the tropes of the image of an artist – how exactly this idea is realized, how it can even be realized in the first place, depends on one’s own situatedness within the structures in question. From this perspective, both films enter into dialogue with each as they speak of different degrees of being affected, which implicitly influences the shape of the cinematic form.

In the presence of Reinhard Jud.
This film will be shown as part of the screening KUNST UND KRISE.

  • Karina Ressler
Fischer Film Produktion
16 mm
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