Image of movie Incroyable mais vrai
Image of movie Incroyable mais vrai

Incroyable mais vrai

Incredible But True
Quentin Dupieux
France 2022
74 min
OV w/ EN subtitles

After the adventures of two young men trying to tame a giant fly in the amazing MANDIBULES (2020), Quentin Dupieux returns to Vienna in great shape with this new ode to absurdity. Marie and Alain are a rather nice, banal couple. While looking for a bigger house, they are convinced by a real estate agent to buy a pavilion which apparently has an incredible feature in the basement. Reluctant at first, they will finally move in, and the little surprise in the cellar will eventually change their life, starting a spiral of hilarious, unpredictable events.
With a very simple plot, Dupieux once again manages to deliver an incredibly entertaining comedy that treats the absurd as an everyday affair. Middle class life in the suburbs and its sense of suffocating, hideous calm become the theater for a ruthless rush toward eternal youth that confronts us with the disproportionate space that vanity occupies in our society. Despite the ultimately dark tone of this moral tale, in which men and women alike are victims of their own weakness, the film never abandons its tone of mockery and delegates the task of being light to its high-level cast (not least in the majestic performance by Benoit Magimel) while taking us into the dark recesses of human nature. (Rebecca De Pas)

Quentin Dupieux: WHERE IS THE MONEY GEORGE? (2010, K), RUBBER (2010, K), WRONG COPS (2014, TV-Serie), RÉALITÉ (2014), AU POSTE! (2018), LE DAIM (2019), MANDIBULES (2021)

  • Alain Chabat - Alain
  • Léa Drucker - Marie
  • Benoît Magimel - Gérard
  • Anaïs Demoustier - Jeanne
  • Stéphane Pezerat - Franck Chaise
  • Marie-Christine Orry - Madame Lanvin
  • Roxane Arnal - Marie, 19 Jahre alt
  • Lena Lapres - Mimi
  • Quentin Dupieux
  • Quentin Dupieux
  • Guillaume Le Braz
  • Quentin Dupieux
  • Jon Santo
  • Joan Le Boru
  • Isabelle Pannetier
Atelier de Production

WTFilms, Wild Bunch International

Tue 25 Oct
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
OV w/ EN subtitles
Wed 26 Oct
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
OV w/ EN subtitles
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