Image of movie Ich schaff's einfach nimmer
Kinematografie: Österreich real

Ich schaff's einfach nimmer

John Cook
Austria 1972
50 min

ICH SCHAFF’S EINFACH NIMMER , the title of John Cook’s film of the same name from 1972, could have been uttered by every protagonist that appears in the films in this program: life turns against you, whether you are a Roma in Vienna in the 1970s, belong to the Pritz family from Knittelfeld, or the father of the filmmaker in DOPPELGAENGER, you are somehow no longer really present, hardly take part in things, it’s as if you’ve been exchanged for someone else. All three films observe the everyday in order to describe the specific crises within the apparent uniformity of life. Through them, each individual’s life is placed in relation to its social context. The documentary approaches are different from film to film. They find the struggle by looking at and listening to their protagonists with respect, they create friction by filming a rural landscape and combining it with a fictional story, or look at family home movies after some years and trace the disappearance of an individual within them. Taken together, these films remind us of the possibilities to tell a story without relying on the formats of fictional filmmaking, whereby the focus lies instead on the possibilities of creating friction between what is recorded and the invisible contexts expressed as a result.

In the presence of Michaela Taschek.
This film will be shown as part of the screening KRISE: LEBEN.

  • John Cook
  • John Cook
  • Elfie Semotan
John Cook, Elfie Semotan
16 mm
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