Image of movie A Floral Tribute for Essex Road
Image of movie A Floral Tribute for Essex Road

A Floral Tribute for Essex Road

Jayne Parker
United Kingdom 2019
no dialogue

“Nature, the inexhaustible resource of encounters worthy of speechless communication,” declares Abbas Kiarostami in Fergus Daly’s beautiful journey. How can cinema free itself of its anthropocentric and industrial determinations? Each of the films presented here offers a solution, be it iconographic or technical, whether it involves renewing a representation or producing one’s own film reels, dancing with one’s whole body with nature as one’s partner or imagining a sound as animals might perceive it. (NB)

In the presence of Fergus Daly and Nicole Brenez (curator).
This film will be shown as part of the screening III. DE-ANTHROPOCENTRIZE, REORIENT.

All retrospective films that will be shown at the Filmmuseum after the Viennale - from 1.11. - can of course also be reserved as usual at or by calling 01/533 70 54 and purchased at the box office of the Austrian Film Museum. The prices of the Austrian Film Museum apply.

Sun 31 Oct
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Tue 02 Nov
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