Image of movie Ferrari
Image of movie Ferrari
Image of movie Ferrari


Michael Mann
United States 2023
130 min
OV w/ GER subtitles

Despite their links to Hollywood, Michael Mann’s films have always been worlds away from standard studio productions. They unfold in a way that is never too linear. Their action scenes often oscillate between suspension and acceleration, their speed in perpetual flux. The narrative can change both pace and focus, as if Mann were guiding his films in real time while we are watching them.
FERRARI is probably his most densely structured work, but, like the rest of his oeuvre, it is also a film about time and our inability to control it. It’s difficult to find a better metaphor for this existential conundrum than a real-life story of a man obsessed with motor racing, an extreme, potentially fatal exercise in conquering time by means of speed.
Even though the retro cars Mann used for the shoot have been recreated in 3D, they still serve as an authentic example of the sort of classic industrial chic that remains untouched by modern technologies. Like those objects of desire, FERRARI is also an example of timeless storytelling. In this film, nothing is secondary, and the end of love never comes alone, but rather in the company of other, equally devastating crashes. (Evgeny Gusyatinskiy)

Michael Mann: THIEF (1981), THE KEEP (1983), MANHUNTER (1986), THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (1992), HEAT (1995), THE INSIDER (1999), ALI (2001), COLLATERAL (2004), MIAMI VICE (2006), PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009), BLACKHAT (2015)

  • Adam Driver
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Shailene Woodley
  • Sarah Gadon
  • Gabriel Leone
  • Jack O'Connell
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Troy Kennedy Martin
  • Erik Messerschmidt
  • Andy Nelson
  • Tony Lamberti
  • Daniel Pemberton
  • Maria Djurkovic
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Black Bear International

Tue 24 Oct
OV w/ GER subtitles
Fri 27 Oct
OV w/ GER subtitles
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