Image of movie Facing Forward

Facing Forward

Fiona Tan
Netherlands 1999
10 min

“Found footage is intervention and inasmuch an intersection of the best traditions of modernity with that notion of pausing for a moment and looking back where the interest in the formal aspects of film and art meets with a radical transformation of the found content.”, wrote Peter Tscherkassky in Stadtkino’s program booklet in 1991. And so this program, on the one hand, assembles films which allow for a more precise gaze by submitting the original material to just one structural intervention. For instance, Galeta’s TWO TIMES IN ONE SPACE, in which an excerpt from a comedy is superimposed over itself with a slight time delay, or WATCHING FOR THE QUEEN, which makes use of multiple exposures of single frames to point out certain individuals in a crowd. On the other hand, the four remaining films transform their source material by displacing the context or carry it to extremes via compaction. Lisl Ponger combines colorful travelogues of amateur filmmakers with stories about escape. Fiona Tan changes the perspective of ethnographic films about very different locations by accentuating the sound. Christine Noll Brinckmann’s father made home movies in East Asia from a colonialist perspective; the artist appropriates them to lay bare their relationship. The program concludes with a music video: THE DEVIL, set to the eponymous song by the French band Boogers is a an urgent appeal against the continuing violence against African Americans. (B.B.U.)

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