Image of movie Camuflaje
Image of movie Camuflaje
Image of movie Camuflaje


Jonathan Perel
Argentina 2022
93 min

With rigor and persistence, Jonathan Perel has dedicated himself to filming the memory of the most ominous period in Argentine history, the last civic-military dictatorship (1976–1983), linking the reconstruction process and the effects of the past to specific spaces and identifying how history continues to be unconsciously present. In CAMUFLAJE, his chosen place is the Campo de Mayo, an epicenter of horror in both theory and practice, but the method he employs to show this is very different from the structuralism of his previous films.
Now writer Félix Bruzzone is the protagonist, and by simply following him in his encounters with people from the area surrounding the military site, the poetics of the film become completely different from the observational or essayistic systems that characterized Perel’s previous work. In each segment, the film adds different perspectives to the military compound, but nothing compares to the film’s ending, when Bruzzone participates in a race inside the compound, a moment of radical dissociation between memory and the present. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Jonathan Perel.

Jonathan Perel: EL PREDIO (2010), LOS MURALES (2011, K), 17 MONUMENTOS (2012), TABULA RASA (2013), TOPONIMIA (2015), ESPONSABILIDAD EMPRESARIAL (2020)

  • Félix Bruzzone
  • Margarita Molfino
  • Iris Avellaneda
  • Archie Campos
  • Gustavo Guoglielmi
  • Inés Bruzzone
  • Agustin Rozados Gimenez
  • José Luis Gómez
  • Jonathan Perel
  • Joaquin Neira
  • Andrés Marks
  • Sebastián Lipszyc
  • Pablo Mazzolo
Alina Films , Off the Grid

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