Retrospective 2015

Bataille / Sang / Cochon


LE COCHON is a beautiful, sensitive, big-hearted documentary that shows not a trace of the despair and defeat radiating from Eustache’s fictional films. LE COCHON, which Eustache co-directed with Jean-Michel Barjol, records the slaughter and dismemberment of a pig and the process of transforming the dead animal into various food products. He and Barjol filmed the movie over the course of a single day, shooting footage separately and then editing together; their purpose was primarily to observe, to record. It’s Eustache’s most beautiful film because it’s his most curious and graceful. (Jared Rapfogel)

Supporting films:
LE SANG DES BETES (France 1949, Georges Franju, 22 min)
BATAILLE SUR LE GRAND FLEUVE (France 1951, Jean Rouch, 35 min)

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