Image of movie Ballade aux sources [work print]
Image of movie Ballade aux sources [work print]
Monografie: Med Hondo

Ballade aux sources [work print]

Med Hondo, Bernard Nantet
Mauritania 1965
30 min

BALLADE AUX SOURCES [WORK PRINT] BALLADE AUX SOURCES, Med Hondo’s first film, is a documentary about the journey of an African emigrant through his native land shortly after the independence of North Africa.
This film allows us to glimpse the themes that are dear to Med Hondo: pan-Africanism and pre-colonial African history. It is presented as “restoration in progress” without sound, introduced by Annabelle Aventurin (cine-archives). The objective of this session is to describe the different stages of conservation of the sound and image, as well as ongoing work on the only remaining black-and-white 16mm copy of the film. (Annabelle Aventurin)

With a lecture by Annabelle Aventurin.
Free entry, no online-tickets available. Limited tickets at the pre-sale ticket offices from October 15th and from October 20th at participating cinemas.

We'd like to thank Ciné-Archives, Paris.

  • Pierre Letailleur
  • Med Hondo
  • Bernard Nantet
  • Jeannine Cassette
  • Patrice Raynal
Sat 29 Oct
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