Image of movie After Work

After Work

Ben Rivers, Céline Condorelli
United Kingdom 2022
13 min

A playground is a paradoxical thing: a supposed place of freedom, wildness, ludic invention for children – and yet, fiercely contained within social space, meticulously constructed. Materials of nature are taken and re-shaped for a strictly utilitarian purpose. Céline Condorelli (the designer of the playground we see) and Ben Rivers juxtapose images of parts being welded and spray-painted with the overlapping and overlaid sounds of Jay Bernard reciting poetry and reflecting on anarchic dreams of fun within the urban architecture of the modern world. When does work ever end, and play ever begin? (Adrian Martin)

This film will be shown as part of the screening SHORT FILM PROGRAMME 5: ORDINARY DEVOTIONS.

  • Jay Bernard
  • Ben Rivers
  • Philippe Ciompi
  • Ben Rivers
Ben Rivers


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