The new website is online!

23 Aug 2012

The new website is online!

A new website to celebrate the 50-year anniversary.

Not only the appearance and the layout of the Viennale itself changed, but also the Viennale website is all new.

Like every year in late August the Viennale gives a little preview of this year's festival, it's film program, the Tributes and Special Programs. This year the preview website has been revised, and we are very happy with the outcome. Until the whole program is going to be revealed on October 16, this site will be updated with all kinds of news about the festival as well as editorial blogposts. We hope for your regular visits and wish you a lot of fun while exploring this year's program and the content of the website - and of course with the 50-year anniversary of the Viennale itself.

All information regarding the anniversary festivities and the projects around 50 years of Viennale you can find here.

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