Claire Simon: NOTRE CORPS

25 Sep 2023

Claire Simon: NOTRE CORPS

We invited filmmakers to share with us materials that in some way were important for their film: Inspirations such as photos or newspaper articles, shotlists, script pages, notes, and much more.

French director Claire Simon shares with us two private photos of her father. How her father's body has shaped her own perception and the work on her film NOTRE CORPS, she tells us here: 

"First picture: my parents. 2nd picture is my father 35 years later with my daughter and a friend.
To show how much body representation is important for me. I have been brought up by a man who’s body was very suffering, and the hospital was very familiar to me.
That’s why I felt comfortable in the hospital and I didn’t need to focus on the hospital but on the patients.
I remember that during the shooting I had really a lot of of memories of being with my father in the hospital, in that very strange place out of the world. When I saw patients in the sun in the garden for example.
In my film the Hospital is a narrative thread not the topic of the film, what I wanted to show is the body, the body of women and trans." - Claire Simon

On Thursday, October 26, 2023 there will be a panel at the VIENNALE ZENTRALE with Claire Simon, Jennifer Reeder and Martha Mechow. More information HERE!