Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe

Time Goes by Like a Roaring Lion
Philipp Hartmann
DEU 2013
80 min

A filmic philosophical essay often poses a challenge: how to film an idea? Often, talking about a particular matter is confused with materializing it in front of the camera. That’s why Philipp Hartman – medically diagnosed with chronophobia – uses no intellectual stars to explain the philosophical dimension of time and rather attempts to present some sort of phenomenology of time through his camera and his own immediate experience. The method he chooses is to collect costumes and experiences without forgetting cinema itself is defined by capturing time. Hartmann proposes a 76-minute film in which each minute stands for a year of an average life. This obsessive rule is invoked in the last four “years” of his life (and of the film). A cable-car journey codes in its own duration the secret of a perdurable shot. A poetic emancipation: a life plan finding its right frame. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Philipp Hartmann.

  • Philipp Hartmann in Zusammenarbeit mit Jan Eichberg
  • Helena Wittmann
  • Louis Fried
  • Philipp Hartmann in Zusammenarbeit mit Jan Eichberg


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