Tribute Lauren Bacall


Michael Curtiz
USA 1950
111 min

The life of tragic jazz great Bix Beiderbecke is given the «a clef» treatment in Young Man with a Horn. Kirk Douglas plays the Beiderbecke character, here named Rick Martin. An ace trumpet player, Martin is one of the few white musicians to flourish in the black-dominated jazz scene of the 1920s. He rises to popularity with his own group, and along the way falls under the spell of wealthy jazz patroness Lauren Bacall. After marrying Bacall, Martin begins neglecting his music and turns more and more to alcohol. One of the best jazz films Hollywood has made, Young Man with a Horn indulges in many of the clichés associated with such films, but it treats the clichés with respect, giving even the most familiar moments an undeniable power. (Craig Butler)

  • Kirk Douglas - Rick Martin
  • Lauren Bacall - Amy North
  • Doris Day - Jo Jordan
  • Hoagy Carmichael - Willie «Smoke» Willoughby
  • Juano Hernandez - Art Hazzard
  • Jerome Cowan - Phil Morrison
  • Mary Beth Hughes - Marge Martin
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Carl Foreman
  • Edmund H. North nach dem Roman «Chimere» von Dorothy Baker
  • Ted McCord
  • Everett A. Brown
  • Jr.
  • Alan Crosland
  • Ray Heindorf
  • Edward Carrere
  • William Wallace
  • Milo Anderson
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35 mm
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