Wo hai you hua yao shuo

When Night Falls
Ying Liang
Südkorea, China 2012

In 2008 a young man named Yang Jia killed six policemen. He was sentenced to death by the government, who made the decision without fully abiding by the legal procedures – the lawyer for Yang was carefully assigned, media report was controlled and the court proceedings were not open. Yang’s mother was even confined to a mental hospital because the authorities tried to stop her from giving testimony at court. In this series of real events, the one who stands out most is Yang Jia’s mother; her charm, courage and perseverance struck me a lot. With this short film, I pay salute to her, in the hope of doing justice to Yang Jia and the times we are living in. (Ying Liang)

In the presence of Ying Liang.


  • Nai An - Wang Jingmei
  • Kate Wen
  • Sun Ming
  • Ying Liang
  • Benny Chan
  • Pekkle Sham
  • Otsuka Ryuji
  • Tong Wai-wing
  • Zhang Xiao
Jeonju International Film Festival, Pixel Bricks Production

Jeonju International Film Festival

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