Bill Daniel
USA 2005
56 min

PROPOSITIONS – Twelve Selected Films

Bozo Texino is an actual person, although most people only know him by the graffiti art he scrawls on boxcars. Stories abound about his background: some claim he is a migrant worker from Texas, while others say he is a conductor on the Sunset Limited. Regardless of his real personage, Bozo Texino is one of scores of artists whose cryptic symbols can be found throughout the nation on its rail cars. Most of this work is rendered in chalk, but can travel thousands of miles before dissolving. Daniel stumbled across these graffiti marks while living near the Santa Fe railroad line in Dallas. Familiar with a now defunct system of chalk marks used by hobos to communicate across long distances, Daniel realized that he had found a new form of art-monikers, caricatures, and poetry scribbled by boxcar jumpers on freight trains and under bridges. He began documenting their artwork, and with the encouragement of a grant from the Film Arts Foundation, decided to turn his work into a full-length documentary.

Will be shown together with Britton, South Dakota

  • Bill Daniel
  • Bill Daniel
  • Bill Daniel
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Bill Daniel 1810 Market St., Shreveport, LA 71101, USA T 503 939 6916

Bill Daniel 1810 Market St., Shreveport, LA 71101, USA T 503 939 6916

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