Special: Ida Lupino

What Beckoning Ghost?

Ida Lupino
USA 1961
50 min

Recovering from a serious heart ailment, pianist Mildred Beaumont is convinced she's seeing her own funeral, played out in her living room. Of course, it’s her slimy husband Eric and his lover, Mildred’s sister, Lydia who have joined forces to scare Mildred to death. Although Lupino did not direct a theatrical film for 13 years after THE HITCH-HIKER in 1953, she remained busy. In 1956 she began directing episodes of television shows, and she eventually worked on more than 40 programs, including ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, THE FUGITIVE, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and GILLIGAN’S ISLAND. In addition, she also directed several made-for-TV movies. WHAT BECKONING GHOST? is based on a novel by Harold Lawler and hosted by Boris Karloff. The series THRILLER aired between 1960 and 1962 on NBC.

  • Judith Evelyn - Mildred Adler Beaumont
  • Tom Helmore - Eric Beaumont
  • Adele Mara - Lydia Adler
  • Frank Wilcox - Detective
  • Donald S. Sanford based on a short story by Harold Lawlor
  • John F. Warren
  • Edwin J. Somers Jr.
  • Danny B. Landres
  • Jerry Goldsmith
  • Howard E. Johnson
  • Vincent Dee
  • Boris Karloff
Hubbell Robinson Productions, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
NBC Universal Television Distribution
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