Retrospektive 2012

Das wandernde Bild

Fritz Lang
DEU 1920
60 min

DAS WANDERNDE BILD is a drama, shot at Lake Königssee, Bavaria. The film is about Irmgard, the young widow of the famous philosopher Georg, whose twin brother John harasses her. Trying to escape him, she went to seek refuge in the nearby mountains. But John, determined to find her, is in pursuit.

  • Rudolf Klein-Rogge
  • Mia May
  • Hans Marr
  • Harry Frank
  • Loni Nest
  • Fritz Lang
  • Thea von Harbou
  • Guido Seeber
  • Robert Neppach
  • Otto Hunte
  • Erich Kettelhut
May-Film, Berlin
35 mm
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