Wan yu shi de ren

Jade Miners
Midi Z
Taiwan, Myanmar 2015
104 min

In the end of 2012, when the Burmese army waged a war on the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), many corporations contracted to work with the government on mining for jade in the area were forced to stop their operation. The jade mines stretching up to hundreds of kilometres had become a war zone. Workers from all over the country flock to the jade mines in the Kachin State to dig illegally for jade. They risk being arrested by the soldiers and buried by rocks. All they want is to find a piece of valuable jade that will transform their lives.
“As soon as you turn on the camera, reality disappears. As for documentary, I do not believe in reality; instead, I believe that reality can never be easily conveyed via any media. So in that case, why should I make a documentary? Perhaps it is a personal statement; it expresses what is hidden underneath these seemingly real images and what I have witnessed, including the never-changing nature of the game of survival that human beings have played since the dawn of time.” (Midi Z)

  • Midi Z
  • Wu Pei-Chi
  • Midi Z
  • Wang Shin-hong
  • Zaw Moe
  • Chou Cheng
  • Midi Z
  • Lin Sheng-wen
Seashore Image Production, Myanmar Montage Productions

Seashore Image Production

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