Marina Razbezhkina
RUS 2004
67 min

In a small village in 1950, Antonia must work long hours driving a combine harvester at the collective farm to support her young sons and her husband, who returned from World War II with no legs. In honour of Antonias hard work, the State rewards her with the Red Flag. At first, the velvet banner is the most important thing in the home, but when it is endangered by a mouse infestation, the flag becomes a curse, as the family tries to keep the precious prize intact. Fearful of the reprisals for damaging such a tribute, Antonia is determined to continue winning the flag every year.

  • Ludmila Motornaya - Antonia
  • Vyacheslav Batrakov - Gennady
  • Dima Yakovlev - Vanya
  • Dima Ermakov - Kolya
  • Marina Razbezhkina
  • Irina Uralskaya
  • Nikolay Ustimenko
  • Tanya Naidenova
  • Anton Silaev
  • Rashit Safiullin
Risk Film and Video Studio Likhov pereulok 4, building 1 127051 Moskau, Russland T 095 209 40 55

Intercinema XXI Century Druzhinnikovskaya 15 123242 Moskau, Russland T 095 255 90 52

35 mm
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