Retrospective 2015

Vidas secas

Trockenes Leben
Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Brasilien 1963
100 min

Fabiano and Sinhá Vitória are first seen walking the parched backlands with their young sons and faithful dog Baleia, a journey, we soon deduce, that is neither just beginning nor close to an end. Dialogue is sparse, and VIDAS SECAS shapes the family’s struggle as blunt moments of survival against the landscape. An empty hut offers refuge for the night, only to be reclaimed by the local wealthy landowner. Fabiano finds work as a cowhand and the family lays claim to a tiny patch of land, giving hope to their dreams, namely owning a leather bed, the possession that would solidify their status as “real people.” However, a squabble with a petty policeman and nature’s own merciless grip set the characters back on the road. (Fernando F. Croce)

  • Maria Ribeiro - Sinhá Vitória
  • Átila Iório - Fabiano
  • Gilvan and Genivaldo Lima - The sons
  • Baleia - The dog
  • Nelson Pereira dos Santos based on the novel (1938) by Graciliano Ramos
  • Luiz Carlos Barreto
  • José Rosa
  • Geraldo José
  • Rafael Justo Valverde
  • Nello Melli
  • Leonardo Alencar
Luiz Carlos Barreto Produções Cinematográficas, Sino Filmes
35 mm
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