Vale Abraão


Vale Abraão

Abraham's Valley

Manoel De Oliveira
P/F/CH, 1993
189min, OmeU

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Vale Abraão

Manoel De Oliveira
P/F/CH, 1993
, 189min, OmeU

Leonor Silveira
Ema Cardeano Paiva
Cécile Sanz de Alba
Young Ema
Luís Miguel Cintra
Carlos Paiva, Ema's husband
Ruy de Carvalho
Paulino Cardeano, Ema's father
Manoel de Oliveira based on the novel by Agustina Bessa-Luís
Henri Maïkoff
Mario Barroso
Manoel De Oliveira
Valérie Loiseleux
Ludwig van Beethoven
Claude Debussy
Gabriel Fauré
et al.
Maria José Branco
Isabel Branco

Mandragoa Filmes
Gemini Films
Light Night
35 mm

VALE ABRAÃO is a curious ignition for worldwide cine-fame: a three-hour-plus, self-consciously literary and hyper-rehearsed study of the Madame Bovary template in which Ema, a lovely young girl from an upper-class family, subtly wields her beauty like a weapon and becomes a restless and unfaithful wife to a romantic doctor. Oliveira’s approach is kind of a Bresson/Buñuel bouillabaisse, stressing the stiff artificiality of his scenes, and the narration over the action (which describes dialogues and actions as they happen), while at the same time going for a sarcastic satire whose very flatness is part of the joke. Leonor Silveira (who like many of Oliveira’s actors appears in scores of his films, in parts large and small) has one of those amazing movie faces that seems to change from minute to minute, but her performance is held six inches away from conviction – as the narration informs us that she smiles “as if to bite them”. What we get from VALE ABRAÃO is a kind of exhaustive study of bovarysme rather than its dramatic expression. (Michael Atkinson)

Supporting film: DOURO, FAINA FLUVIAL 1931, Manoel de Oliveira, 17 Min

From the collection of the Cinemateca Portuguese and with support from the Österreichischen Filmmuseum

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