Homage to Hans Hurch

Trouble In Paradise

Ernst Lubitsch
USA 1932
84 min

The last time I saw Hans, we enjoyed a sunny barbecue a friend was offering in Buenos Aires. There was a young woman with two little daughters who had just lost her husband. She was speaking about what a good man and father he had been. It didn’t feel tragic at all.
Hans was very touched by this and told me: “I don’t understand what they are saying – they were speaking Spanish – but if this man was here, he’d be very happy and proud … It’s like in a John Ford film …”. However, for this occasion, the sparkling tenderness of our friendship turned me to invoke Lubitsch rather than Ford: it is in the spirit of his films that I feel the closest to Hans. TROUBLE IN PARADISE introduces two very funny and sweet shoplifters, extremely elegant filmmaking, so clever and precise.
Some nights ago I dreamt I was running late to a morning screening in Buenos Aires or Vienna. As I rushed starving into the cinema hoping to find somebody with food, I saw a full house and Hans sitting with a free place next to him. He looked at me and nodded with a smile. (Gastón Solnicki)

In the presence of Gastón Solnicki.
With V’98-TRAILER: PIETÀ by Bruce Baillie

  • Miriam Hopkins - Lily
  • Kay Francis - Madame Mariette Colet
  • Herbert Marshall - Gaston Monescu
  • Samson Raphaelson
  • Grover Jones
  • Victor Milner
  • W. Franke Harling
  • Travis Banton
Paramount Pictures
Park Circus
35 mm
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