Special Program: They Wanted To See Something Different

The Trollenberg Terror

Quentin Lawrence
GBR 1958
82 min

Informed about inexplicable cases of death in the Swiss Alps, the American scientist Alan Brooks sets out to find the reason. The psychic Anne is also attracted to the unusual cloud which has gathered up in the mountains near the village of Trollenberg. Soon we come to realize that the cloud conceals a huge extraterrestrial eye which jeopardizes the whole of mankind. THE TROLLENBERG TERROR was a visual experience for director John Carpenter in his early childhood. The film is optionally shown with audio comments made by Carpenter for its release on DVD. You will see that the director considers his reunion with the crawling giant eyeball a rather sobering experience; however, you will also understand why Carpenter has kept shooting secret remakes of THE TROLLENBERG TERROR over and over again. Let me just remind you of the research team in The Thing that is trapped in a block of ice and faces horrible tentacle monsters, or the deathly cloud of fog in THE FOG.

  • Forrest Tucker - Alan Brooks
  • Laurence Payne - Philip Truscott
  • Jennifer Jayne - Sarah Pilgrim
  • Janet Munro - Anne Pilgrim
  • Warren Mitchell - Prof. Crevett
  • Jimmy Sangster
  • Monty Berman
  • Dick Smith
  • Henry Richardson
  • Stanley Black
  • Duncan Sutherland
  • Les Bowie
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Hollywood Classics
35 mm
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