Monography Angela Schanelec

Der traumhafte Weg

The Dreamed Path
Angela Schanelec
D 2016
86 min

In DER TRAUMHAFTE WEG, the problem of past and present is one of realized potential, of who is buoyed by a social safety net and who is summarily thrown away. In the opening scene, we meet two buskers, Theres and Kenneth. Kenneth’s mother has been in an accident and, at his father’s urging, he must acquire morphine to euthanize her. This trauma certainly does not help Kenneth’s heroin habit. When we see him again in 2015, he is drugged out and homeless. His dream of being a musician has faded, and when Theres runs into him, she can only muster pity.
​At the start of the second half, we meet a divorcing couple, Ariane, an actress, and David, a successful photographer. They have a daughter who plays soccer. Her parents insist that she is talented, and when she breaks her arm, David is insistent that the doctor takes care to protect the girl’s future soccer prospects. These people have no connection to Kenneth and Theres, aside from the fact that Ariane’s movie is shooting in the city square where Kenneth is begging. But Schanelec’s point seems clear. The “dreamed path” is not for everyone. (Michael Sicinski)

In the presence Angela Schanelec.

  • Miriam Jakob - Theres
  • Thorbjörn Björnsson - Kenneth
  • Maren Eggert - Ariane
  • Phil Hayes - David
  • Anaya Zapp - Fanny
  • Alan Williams - Kenneth's father
  • Miriam Horwitz - Real estate agent
  • Petra Trenkel - Theres’ mother
  • Benjamin Hassmann - Theres’ son Thomas
  • Angela Schanelec
  • Reinhold Vorschneider
  • Andreas Mücke-Niesytka
  • Rainer Gerlach
  • Angela Schanelec
  • Maja Tennstedt
  • Birgitt Kilian
Filmgalerie 451, WDR, Arte
Filmgalerie 451
Piffl Medien
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