Micha Shagrir
FRA, Israel, AUT 2007
82 min

Robert and Gerald Finaly were born in Grenoble, France, in 1942 and 1944, to an Austrian-Jewish family. Their parents were taken to Auschwitz, and the boys found themselves in a French catholic orphan's house, the St. Vincent de Paul School. After the war, when relatives of the Finaly children tried to get hold of them, Mademoiselle Brun, who rescued them from the Gestapo, baptized Robert and Gerald.
The French High Court decision was to hand the children over to their family, but they disappeared: The catholic church smuggled the boys to Italy and later to Spain. This unbelievable battle for not giving those «catholic children» back to their Jewish relatives in Israel became an odyssey through monasteries and mountain villages all over central Europe. Those places and names are still alive in the minds and souls of Robert and Gerald, who today lead their lives in Israel.
In 2006 they are traveling back to Europe to confront their own past, which has become a part of the history of lost and found identities after the absurdness and coincidence of events around the Holocaust. Furthermore, we learn to know how those two boys managed to save themselves and their private character, as outside forces tried to use them for their interests.

  • Micha Shagri
  • Meny Elyas
  • Rami Yazkan
  • Miki Cohen
  • Shlomo Mizrachi
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